Firewood Processor v0318

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Firewood Processor Master CAD v0318.png

CAD files[edit]


CAD Best practices[edit]

The Master CAD is in native Freecad v0.17 design. The design approach that I use is that the Master CAD is made of a few sub-assemblies or modules that are constrained together. These are included to the :supporting" file. As of Mar 2018 the "Assembly 2" workbench has to be installed as well in order to edit the individual parts, but this will be deprecated in the future

Intended Use, Design Rationale[edit]

For homestead use. Not for heavy production. The main purpose of this firewood processor is to

  1. Eliminate the risks of hand operating a chainsaw to buck the logs, and
  2. To eliminate the heavy handling of the wood for the bucking and splitting process.
  3. As a side benefit is the savings in labor hours. My logs show that I need 30mins to buck a cord of laying logs and 80mins to split it, and stack it in pile. I want the firewood processor to make both these operations in 60mins combined


1 cord per hour Low cost (no use of outrageous expensive Parker F11 motors!!) Right now 1 16hp engine costs around $230, the 18hp costs [ $290 and the HF 22hp costs $730

Anything above that horsepower increases exponentially, so my approach for now is to use 2 engines, one for the splitter, one for everything else. But I want to leave the option open to connect the splitter circuit with the rest in case a cheaper approach get viable, like the utilize of used car engines of 70+ horsepower

With 2 gas engines there are 2 approaches:

  1. Complete independent circuits, with the spitter run by a 2 stage pump
  2. Use a regular pump on the splitter and utilize unloading valves. Promising but due to its complexity and my very low level in hydraulic engineering I will avoid it for now. needs someone to design it as it is more efficient

Feedback, Comments[edit]